Charms info


Charms is a program we use to help meet the many needs of our band program including email communication, finances, inventory assignments, and various item orders. Charms is used by every band in our district.

Accessing Charms

  • Two methods, Click to go directly to the BHS charms interface

      • Or go to and click the “ENTER/LOGIN” button in the upper right-hand corner.

      • Under the “Parents/Students/Members” section, enter our school code (BeavercreekBand)

  • Enter your student password. The default password is your student’s school ID number, however, if your child was in band last year, you may have changed the password.

      • NOTE: There is no username on each account, just the school code and password.

Using Charms

  • Update info - Please update your information! We use Charms as our main communication tool so it is vital that we have a valid email address and phone number for the PARENTS, not just the students.

  • Change Password – We recommend that you change your password after the initial login. The “lock” icon should allow you to do this.

  • Band Fees - Once placed into groups, fees are applied to students and are paid through Charms. We encourage the use of online payments to reduce the manual paperwork done by the directors.

  • StoreStudents will need to order certain items for band by using the Charms Store.

    • SMARTMUSIC – Every student will need to place their order for either the basic SmartMusic subscription or the full SmartMusic subscription.

    • Spirit Wear - In the summer orders are taken through Charms for Spirit Wear

  • Volunteers – We will periodically ask for volunteer help. We will email you with volunteer opportunities via but provide a link to use

How to make partial payment

Two steps are needed to pay the difference between fundraised money that is tracked in the Miscellaneous Ledger and a full payment.

See the screenshot below for an example.

  1. Add the remaining balance to the miscellaneous ledger (button near bottom)

  2. Submit a Transfer Request -this only sends an email, it will not be reflected in Charms immediately