Indoor Percussion Ensemble

2021 Show Announcement:

The Beavercreek High School Indoor Percussion Ensemble (Beavercreek, OH) is pleased to announce their 2021 program, "A Look Back."

Beavercreek HS is under the direction of Mo Longo.

The 2021 staff includes James Nelson, Marlyn Strickland, David Peterson, John Newcomb, and Alex Beltran. Music Design by Mo Longo. Drill Design by Thomas Sparling. Uniforms and Backdrop designs by Digital Performance Gear. Door design by Pageantry Innovations.

Beavercreek HS will be performing in WGI Virtual Events this season.

This year's show, "A Look Back," revisits the past 6 years of the Beavercreek IPE. The poem narrated throughout the performance was written by the ensemble's alumni, and reflects upon the journey and shared experiences of students from the ensemble’s past and present. The poem is narrated throughout the show by IPE alum Cody Campbell.

As I traveled through the door...

Reflecting on what came before

I take a look back once more

Since its inception at the source,

There lived a unifying force

Would we, could we, steer the course?

Beyond the sky where the raven soared

We search for space not yet explored

Into the journey our hearts we poured

As I gaze into the starry night

There lies the universe in all its might

Enveloped in cosmic moonlight

Captivated by all this wonder

Yet in the distance, ring sirens and thunder

Unknowingly, waves push and pull me under

Concealed by the darkness of night

Is that a glimmer, like a diamond so bright?

I hear a sound! What could it incite?

But as I peeked under the bed,

The monster reared its ugly head

And I saw the color of blood red

Although it pushed us to the ground

Together still, we are bound

And the world goes round and round

Just as swift as a falling star

There we were; now, here we are

Look around. We’ve come so far!

Around our necks, the bronze, the gold

But in our hearts, we forever hold

The stories. Oh, the stories that are told!

And though the time may fade away

Waves of memories are here to stay

As are the friendships made along the way

And as I traveled through the door...

Reflecting on what came before

I took a look back once more

Beavercreek fields an Indoor Percussion Ensemble to compete as a member of the Mid East Performance Association (MEPA) and Winter Guard International (WGI) circuits. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to improve their skills while performing an exciting show that is both musically and visually rewarding.