Indoor Percussion Ensemble

Beavercreek IPE 2024

"Performing their 2024 program, ‘Moving Out Loud’, @wgisportofthearts is proud to present the Beavercreek Indoor Percussion Ensemble!”

A dive into urban pop art, sounds, and movement. Let the rhythm of 808 deep cuts and driving fusion jazz move you through the Keith Haring pop art inspired set, decorated with matching costumes. Dance, choreo, and movement will mold into one while revealing a new picture by the end of this program. Exuding constant motion from start to finish, you will be sure to find something new each time you watch!

Beavercreek fields an Indoor Percussion Ensemble to compete as a member of the Mid East Performance Association (MEPA) and Winter Guard International (WGI) circuits. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to improve their skills while performing an exciting show that is both musically and visually rewarding.