Good Clean Fundraiser

We are kicking off the Good Cleaning Fundraiser for the music department here at Beavercreek. This fundraiser sells detergents and softeners; they are 5-gallon buckets (640oz - almost 6 ½ of the 100oz family sizes) and come with a convenient dispensing pump. There are also detergents (180 Ct) & Dishwasher (200 Ct) Pod-Packs & liquid Dish Soap (5 gal). Each item is $45 (or $46 if purchased online) with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

After 100 buckets sold across the department, students will profit $11 an item. This money can go towards participation and travel fees. This fundraiser is a great way to cut down the necessary costs of participating in ensembles so we encourage all students to take advantage of this opportunity.

Orders can be placed online at or through the order form attached below. Orders Due Feb 19th. All forms need to be turned in to the band OR choir office by then. Also attached below is a brochure and a letter with this information.

Delivery expected the first week of March.

1 - USA-6A Krystal's Label.pdf

Fragrance Brochure

Beavercreek Music Dept. Blank Order Form 2020.xlsx - Order Sheet.pdf

Order Form

1 - USA-6 New Back Page Brochure.pdf


Letter to Parents.pdf

Parent and Student Letter