Looking for help?

  • A private facebook group is operating where parents can help with questions. Search for "Beavercreek Marching Band & Color Guard Parent Page"

Parents- We need your help!

The band relies on volunteers to coordinate and man various activities to ensure the success of the program. Volunteers are needed in various areas.

The Beavercreek Music Parents Association is our non-profit organization who provide financial and volunteer support year round.


Events We Host

  • Weekend of Jazz

    • This weekend is unique in the country, going beyond 20 years of hosting big name professional acts who participate in a weekend of performances and clinics with students from Beavercreek High School and Jazz Bands from around the area.

    • Volunteers are needed to coordinate various aspects of the event as well as man various jobs during the weekend.

Show/Ensemble Support

  • Band Camp Food & Nursing

    • Volunteers are used to reduce the catering costs of band camp

    • Nurses help ensure student safety

  • Sewing

  • Uniform Washing

  • Front Ensemble Crew

  • Chaperones

    • Each bus requires two chaperones, 8 busses... that adds up!

More detail on how you can help

  • Concessions - PLEASE sign up early so we don't have to beg each week! We NEED all of you to volunteer at least some. The concession stands are our single largest fund raiser and keep us from needing to have fees similar to the bands around us.

    • Money Counters and Stand Managers needed immediately! Contact or to help

In previous years:

  • OMEA Judges Food Coordinator - (Oct/Nov) Coordinates parent food donations and purchases to provide meals to OMEA judges at the finals competition. Work with concessions coordinator(s) to move serving trays, warmers, serving utensils, plates, silver ware, napkins, etc are moved from concessions stand to Welcome Stadium locker room prior to first day of event. OMEA Finals is at Univ of Dayton Welcome Stadium and runs two consecutive weekends at the end of the season and this is a major annual fund raiser for the band.

  • Front Ensemble Crew - Volunteer to help move equipment from the truck to the field at football games and competitions. You CAN both chaperone and sideline crew at the same event! [ sign up comming soon ]

  • Weekend of Jazz Coordinators - Several long time sub-committee coordinators are needing shadows. Contact

  • Band camp food service. Having band camp at home and using parent volunteers to help serve the food helps us save beaucoup bucks!
    Here are the ways you can help!
    1. Sign up for a time to help prep, serve and clean up for lunch or dinner. This is a great way for NEW PARENTS to see the character of the band and interact with seasoned parents. Please sign up for ONE SPOT ONLY during this first week of sign ups. This is a very popular event and we want everyone, especially new parents to get a chance to participate. After the first week, any remaining spots are free game for anyone!
    2. Sign up to donate food. In the sign-up link below, there are slots to donate cookies and fresh from your garden produce. You may sign up for as many of these slots as you wish and you may sign up for these in addition to service spots.
    3. Participate in the McDonalds surveys - Each year our local McDonald's donates hundreds of dollars of paper goods and food items to our band camp which saves everybody a lot of money! The only thing that they ask in return is that we fill out electronic surveys. These will be available starting tonight at band camp pick-up at 9pm. SUPER EASY WAY for everybody to help keep band costs down.

  • Project 4: Band fronts
    · We will be using band “fronts” again this year. These are the flat walls that hide guard equipment etc. We have the old ones but are adding more. We need to shop for and purchase “fence rail” and then use a “chop saw” to cut them to length. We have the rest of the hardware to complete this project.
    · This project could be worked on during band practice.

  • Sewing - the flags are in process but we've added a couple of other "TOP SECRET" projects! It's going to be very cool! Please contact Mrs. Myers at , or call/text 937-829-9797. (See calendar for dates/times)