The Instrumental Music Department relies heavily on fundraising in order to support the program. Fundraisers are run through the Beavercreek Music Parents Association either as joint activities with the Choir and Drill Team or specifically for the Band and Color Guard.

Below are various fundraisers that occur during the year

Beavercreek Music Parents Association

These fundraisers support the group as a whole and profits are distributed based on class enrollment

Band and Color Guard Fundraisers

  • Virtual Tag Day

    • Held in September 2020, raised money due to anticipated challenges in normal fundraising efforts.

  • Flower Sale

    • The flower sale, held every spring is a chance for students to make money to pay for band fees.

  • Restaurant Fundraisers, an excuse to eat out and raise money for the band at the same time! Check the calendar for upcoming events.

  • OMEA State MB Competition Judges Meals- we serve the judges and earn money while volunteering our time.

  • Annual Giving Campaign

    • In order to keep up with that growth, we are in need of funds to provide our students the same high-level of instruction we have come to expect. This includes items such as music for concerts, purchasing new equipment and instruments, and properly maintaining the equipment we own. We have started an Annual Giving Campaign and would like to honor those members of the community who choose to financially support our program by including their name in our concert programs.